non productions provides film post-production services






We have been forced to move by real estate weasels.

Despite the fact that investment property is immoral,

unfortunately it is apparently not illegal (yet!)

We have re-established the shop

in which these tasks are preformed,

in the east bay.

Sorry for the delays, it wasn’t my idea.

It took us a moment to realize that 25 years worth of gradual development

is somewhat difficult to reconstruct in 18 months. Thanks for bearing with us.


San Francisco will reap what the powers that be have sewn.

Working peoples have fallen out of favor,

unless you want to wash the dishes and scrub the toilets of the rich.

non productions SF may you rest in peace.


Also, since the digital revolution is busy killing off the celluloid industries,

we have some challenges securing film stocks.

Keep this in mind when developing your workflow schedule.

Labs may begin supplying stocks to this type of post work ‘farm,’ such as us.


- Negative cutting in 16mm or 35mm

$5 per edit for work-printed films

excluding black leader


- Film and audio editing, 16, s16, 35mm

x-fers, processing, and digitizing

analog or digital via protools HD tdm


- Optical sountrack generation in 16mm

negative or positive

50 cents per foot NOT including stock

(& NOT including D97 process)

from film, tape or computer files

See this page for guidelines

FILM STOCK costs will now be determined

on a project by project basis at this point.


- Posting organization & synchronization


- Printing preparation & timing