Synopsi for mother mortar, father pestle 35mm, 93m, b/w


option 1)


A film about the fallibility of perspective.


Option 2)


Under a sudden prolonged dusk, a Theologian struggles with his sedan, a Landlord continues his evictions, the LiaisonŐs scheme goes public, the Secularist barks his messages, and so on, until these strangers and associates realize, at least for a moment, that they are not the only creatures in an indifferent universe.


Option 3)


A group of tired and irritable people, confused by unusual weather and unreliable services, discuss the imposition of belief systems.


option 4)


A government in the habit of dismissing science sees the world shift into a weather pattern of perpetual twilight that the officials have trouble explaining. Despite this some individuals go about their business: The Theologian continues his crisis of faith, the Secularist continues to challenge the existence of god, the Landlord proceeds with his evictions, the Homeless man continues to collect electronics, the Liaison continues to represent his suspicious clients, and so forth, until their respective fates descend upon them, either absorbing or ignoring the lessons therein.