MOTHER MORTAR, FATHER PESTLE (the petty apocalypse of 2007)


A film about the fallibility of perspective.


MMFP is NO LONGER distributed in North America by something called FANDOR.COM. Apparently someone sold something to someone else, and that was that. We are not sure about the future distribution at this time. Non Productions and Hanta Mouthe can be contacted directly via this website.




A ‘zipped’ PRESS PACK .zip is HERE.


David Finkelstein’s review in FILM THREAT magazine is here.


The synopsi can be viewed. An outline, block diagram or scene-o-gram can be viewed here. The filmography of gibbs chapman can also be viewed, as well as stills and other things here. “REVIEW” commentaries of the film are in the FILMOGRAPHY as well.


An 8-page PDF treatment of this project is download-able here.


Here are some stills.


Here is a “Director’s” Statement.


Here’s a picture of the camera used to photograph this movie. Here’s picture of the optical printer that may be useful for completing the project in 35mm.




last update: 1/2017